Bring back BMXs

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Perhaps that's where the whole BMX craze went wrong. Its late Eighties, pavement-bashing successor, the mountain bike, took longer to catch on, sparing us the glut of potential spin-offs that brought about BMX's cyxploitation demise: "BMX Bandits" anyone? Once marketed as a pedal power version of motocross, the BMX in fact paved the way for the rugged outward-bound image of the mountain bike.

Now, a good 10 years since the BMX topped Christmas lists the country over, it's beginning to make a comeback. The fussy embellishments and dayglo excesses of its 1980s decline are a distant memory, it seems, and the 1990s BMX has reincarnated itself in chrome with the only accessory it ever needed: a bored kid. Coming to a street corner near you soon.

Mike Higgins