Check out Ewan McGregor's quiff on the front of The Face this month. Think Morrissey meets Kernicky in Grease.

A quiff is a plume of hair worn over the forehead. It started in the 1950s with rock'n'roll and Bill Hayley & His Comets made it a pivotal fashion reference point with their hit "Rock Around the Clock".

Since then its popularity has hardly wavered. The be-quiffed swear that finding the perfect holding gel is a very personal man-thing. Chris Isaak once said: "I use whatever is in the house. Grease, Vaseline or even yak butter. I don't care." Watch out, though. Until now quiffs were only worn by quietly cool indie groovers and serious retro fifties fanatics. Once seen on McGregor, it's only a matter of time before it catches on with loaded lads. Urghh.

Other quiffers include: Tintin, Cliff Richard, Alvin Stardust and Gary Glitter.