ready to wear
Three or so years ago I bought the most yummy scarf from Jigsaw. It was palest pink silk chiffon with flowers embroidered on it and it was huge. Aside from weddings, however, it didn't get much use. Then, one day, I tied it around my waist and wore it with thong sandals and ankle bracelets and I became rather proud of myself because I had been so clever and looked rather Indian. This is nothing new, Romeo Gigli's first collection was tailored suits under saris; and Dries van Noten excels at this look. It's not a look you have to take too literally, just mix chiffon trousers with a long tunic and look for opulence in fabrics. Wear flatties, preferably thongs, lots of silver jewellery and you have a summer look that will suit most ages and shapes. AB

Black/white paisley top, pounds 160, John Richmond, from Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW1, and Flannels, Amazon House, 3 Basil Street, Manchester. Enquiries: 0171 978 5278. Black embroidered trousers, pounds 155, Sportmax, from Maxmara, Sloane Street, London SW1, and Cruise, Renfield Street, Glasgow. Enquiries: 0171 287 3434

Gold rayon rib cardigan, pounds 135, Joseph, 77 Fulham Road, London SW3. Enquiries: 0171 590 6200. Stone linen dress, pounds 177, both Betty Jackson, 311 Brompton Road, London SW3. Enquiries: 0171 589 7884. Silk print trousers, pounds 45, Warehouse, 96 Kings Road, London SW3, 0171 278 3491, and 39-40 High Street, Birmingham. Silver pendant, pounds 25, Kate Woods. Enquiries and mail order: 0171 680 1049

Brown embroidered lace top, pounds 151, Gharani Strok, from KohSamui, 65 Monmouth Street, London WC2. Enquiries: 01932 830500. Brown/beige nylon sarong skirt, pounds 163, John Richmond, as before