British champion needed

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It is not often that we get asked to find a British champion, but the game of Rummikub is in need of one and we are pleased to do anything we can to help.

Rummikub, though the makers, Goliath Games, would probably be loath to admit it, is a version of the card game of rummy, but played with numbered tiles instead of playing cards. Perhaps because of the tactile joy of tiles, Rummikub is now played in some 40 countries and will hold its world championship at Marlow-on-Thames in October. But they do not have a British champion. To fill the gap, a contest will be held as part of the Mind Sports Olympiad in London from 18 to 21 August. So if you want to be a British champion, get in touch with Goliath Games on 0181-450 3104 and they will send you details of the game and the event.