BUNHILL has been in trouble before with Harrington Kilbride, the publicly quoted contract publisher, which used to be chaired by Professor Sir Roland Smith, but this time I'm 100 per cent sure.

I know it's true because nobody from the company will return my calls and I've been trying to speak to someone for weeks. Why the reticence?

It could be to do with a former Harrington employee called Roger Kerner. Now, all sorts of things are being said about Kerner. What can I tell you? Only this. Roger Kerner was a sales manager with Harrington Kilbride. He was a high flyer and destined forgreat things.

But he no longer works there. I did speak to someone on Friday and said I would like to talk about Kerner. The voice on the other end of the phone at Harrington said: "Oh ,you must be his solicitor."

Whatever can that mean? This is a public company, after all. Further and better particulars welcome. Just ring the Bunhill hotline.