ENTRIES continue to flood in for my most expensive water in the world, but the City's El Vino wine bar chain is not willing to give up its crown.

Last week, Anthony Mitchell, son of the proprietor, wrote the following memo to his staff - which I reproduce verbatim. "I cannot stand Dominic Prince he must be the most arogent (sic) man in the world. The staff at Fleet Street are in for a rollocking as the water is supposed to be £4.25."

Can you believe it? £4.25 for a bottle of water. Outrageous.

GOD, this one is boring. You probably won't believe it, but it's true. The packaging industry runs an annual awards ceremony in Montreux, Switzerland. It's where they go to pat each other on the back.

You can picture the scene, can't you: lots of men in suits standing around congratulating each other on this year's best toothpaste label.

It was exactly that last Wednesday when Parkside, the recently floated packaging maker, won the Gold Medal for a plastic label it produced for the drinks giant Pepsi.

Can you take that seriously? They can, it seems.