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Remember Charlie by Revlon? In the Seventies you could sniff out teenage girls in the dark. You could smell the dynamics of the school disco with your eyes shut: the boys' side reeked of Brut and sweat; from the line of girls along the opposite wall emanated the heady bouquets of Charlie, Avon's Pretty Peach, Panache, and Musk. Only Pretty Peach was aimed at teenagers; the rest belonged to the fake-sophisticate world that adolescents once aspired to. We'll soon see whether Nineties teenagers are also susceptible to a bit of fake sophistication. On 21 August CK ONEis launched - a Calvin Klein perfume for teens, complete with posters featuring Kate Moss and other teen-like girls and boys looking pouty in denim. The perfume is unisex, though Calvin Klein are calling it "shared". It's already a bestseller in the US. If it does well in Europe, expect a flood of youthful aromas: teen Dior, St Laurent and Rochas. What does teen spirit smell like? Floralish, but very subtle. According to CK's press office, you have to nuzzle up to someone wearing CK ONE, you can't smell it (which at pounds 20 for 50ml would be a pity). Believers call it an intimate perfume; cynics think it's just watered down.


Sandwich developers (yes, they exist) are pushing the bounds of sandwich exotica ever further. Initial experiments with alligator, and kangaroo and raspberry sauce were less than successful; but spicy Thai flavourings and ethnic-style fillings such as Chinese chicken are rapidly taking over from soggy tuna mayo.


Socially responsible bean eaters should rush to buy a pack of Ido-Air tablets (pounds 9.95 for 60 from health food stores). They contain an enzyme which neutralises gaseous side-effects.