Cypress opens new design centre

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation has opened its new pounds 24m microchip design centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire. The centre will produce a variety of products, including SRAMs, CPLDs, clocks and FCT logic chips. The centre will work in conjunction with Cypress design centres in Asia and North America as part of Cypress's round-the-clock design project. At the end of a working day at one centre, a project can be handed over to another centre in a different time zone, thus enabling the most time-sensitive projects to be under constant development. As many as 60 design posts will be created at the centre. "The UK has a history of producing some of the world's leading IC designs," said David Rees, director of the new centre. "This skilled labour force makes the UK an ideal European base for a design facility of this type."

pounds 5,000 painting sold over the Net

The Burlington Gallery in London last week became the first UK gallery to sell a painting over the Internet. The gallery, which displays artwork on a home page that is part of the Art Connection Web site (, was contacted by an overseas Net surfer who had visited Burlington's virtual gallery. The surfer viewed a high-resolution image of a still life by the 19th-century painter Henry George Todd and immediately purchased the work, valued at pounds 5,000. The Art Connection site was set up in January and already provides an online presence for 26 London galleries.

BT launches DIY networking package

BT has launched its first, off-the-shelf networking kit for building do-it-yourself LANs. The OfficeConnect kit, priced at pounds 299 (ex VAT), will allow small businesses to share both software applications and peripherals. The kit, produced in association with 3Com, consists of a 3Com hub, three network interface cards (Ethernet/10BaseT), software and guidebook. It runs on Windows 95 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and requires a minimum of a 386 PC with an available expansion slot. The kit is stackable up to 30 hubs, each of which can support up to eight PCs. The kit can be used to set up a peer-to-peer or client/server networking environment. Further information is available from BT (0800 800 800).