You're never too old

If you're over 50 and baffled by computers but still want to learn how to surf the the Net, then Hairnet, a training course that is part of the Information Society Initiative's "IT for All" scheme, will be offering step-by-step instruction over the summer at the Backspace Cafe, Clink Street, near London Bridge.

Hairnet will be held from 10am to 1pm each Monday, from 9 June to 18 August, with participants invited to design their own course by attending on days that most interest them. Fees are pounds 10 per session (pounds 5 concessions). For more information, call Emma or Caroline on 0171-234 0121.

The Woz speaks

Steve Wozniak, who, along with Steve Jobs, founded Apple Computer two decades ago, has criticised the company he recently rejoined as a consultant in a rare interview. In the June issue of MacAddict, Wozniak said that Apple let its quality control collapse - and then denied it for years. However, "the Woz", as he's known to Mac fans, says that Apple has solved the quality control problem under the leadership of CEO Gil Amelio.

But asked how Apple rates as a technology leader, Wozniak didn't pull any punches: "Very, very, very poorly, and they think they're doing very, very great." He said that Apple is focusing too much on "gee-whiz" areas such as raw processing speed, adding that the company should concentrate on creating innovations that make computing easier and more user-friendly. "Technology isn't just putting in the fastest processor and most RAM - that's packaging," he said.