Cadbury creates world's first interactive video game off chocolate wrapper

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In what the brand claims to be a world first, Cadbury is taking the wraps off plans to create an interactive packaging that will allow consumers to play video games virtually with the swipe of their smartphone.

Augmented reality is the latest trend to sweep the digital world and early adopter companies have been capitalizing on its novelty to promote their brands and engage fickle customers.

Like its name implies, augmented reality adds a virtual layer to real-world objects with the help of image recognition technology enabled by smartphones and tablets - think Iron Man and Minority Report.

In an interview with trade publication, for example, Cadbury revealed its plans to launch a chocolate bar that will allow consumers to play a 30-second video game virtually.

After downloading the app developed by UK-based company blippar, consumers point their handheld smartphone against the chocolate bar wrapper which launches the game Qwak Smack, in which quacking cartoon ducks emerge on the screen.

The goal of the game is to tap or 'smack' as many ducks as possible. Players can then submit their score for their chance to win a prize.

Though the confectionery giant claims theirs is the first product to launch an interactive video game, other food brands have used augmented reality to promote their products too.

As ConfectioneryNews points out, ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's developed an app Scoop of Happiness last year which activated images after being held against ice cream carton lids.

Kit Kat in the UK also used the technology - enabled by webcam - on their 4-Finger bar package that unlocked a performance by British group Scouting for Girls.

The blippar app is free and is available on Android and iTunes.