Drowning in a sea of commercial house music? For the last six months Camouflage, at North London's Complex, has been providing an oasis for weary clubbers. The Complex is one of the most innovative clubs in the country and has enough themed levels to rival The Crystal Maze.

If you can't find something you like at Camouflage then you're one of those people who probably stay at home ironing your jeans and socks. The sole problem here is deciding which level to stay on. The stairwells can become quite congested but you can gaze at calming, multi-coloured water vacuums while you wait to get into the level of your choice.

Level 4 is dubbed the "Love Lounge". If you have an allergic reaction to red velvet then steer well clear. This is the place to chill out, have a drink and recline while rare and funk grooves meander around your head.

Level 3 showcases progressive drum 'n' bass and uplifting garage for those of you who wish to work up a sweat. Sam Totolee and DJs Fiction and Trigger keep the Technics moving for a responsive beat-hungry crowd.

Level 2 concentrates on the phat beats. B-boyz and girls should beat a path to this floor for some bass-fuelled action. DJs Alex Baby, Femi and Brian Norman keep it live, playing the best hip hop and R'n'B flavas.

World beat is on display on Level 1 with the onus on cultural rhythms and live performance. Latin/salsa DJs, African acoustics and jazz trios are all featured from week to week - music to move the mind as well as the feet.

There's no strict dress code here - wear what you like and leave the attitude at home. This is a particularly useful maxim because the Complex is also one of the hottest (as in melting on the dance floor) venues around. Poseur wall flowers should steer well clear. Clubbers out to dance and have a good time will be in their element.


Abba, Wham and Duran Duran. If you're not afraid to admit you still love this kind of music then Club Fantastic is your ideal destination. Seven hours of unashamed 1970s and 1980s anthems every Friday and Saturday night courtesy of DJs Paulie V, Gideon and Stevie Stress. With tags like that they must know their genre.

Club Fantastic. Fri/Sat at Cairo Jacks, 10 Beak St, London W1 (0181-455 3741). 9pm-4am. pounds 10/pounds 7 members and guests