Cannabis Campaign: FACT FILE

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FOR MORE information on the IoS cannabis march contact:

Debbie Ellis, march co-ordinator, 0181 964 2692

Fax: 0181 964 2701

or write to:

Decriminalise Cannabis March

Unit 50

The Pall Mall Deposit

124 Barlby Road

North Kensington

London W10 6BL

or you can access our web site

Other organisations supporting the march include:

n The Green Party

c/o Shane Collins 0181 678 9420

nThe Anti-Prohibitionist


c/o Riccardo Mosscar

in Brussels (+32-2) 2965713

n Release 0171 729 9904

n Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association (CLCIA) c/o Alun Buffry on 01603 292126

n Howard Marks at:


n Transform

Roselake House

Huddsvale Road

St George



0117 939 8052 or 0117 972 7428