Cannabis Campaign: Letter

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I have used cannabis for around 30 years. In the Seventies I was foolish enough to get involved with heroin and cocaine. It was only through cannabis that I was able to wean myself off these very dangerous drugs.

During my career as a plumber I was infected with hepatitis C. As a result I now have chronic liver disease and am very ill. My wife has arthritis and circulation problems, but we find great relief from pain and stress when we smoke cannabis.

Dyfed police are fanatical in their approach to cannabis users and we have been raided by the drug squad. If prosecuted we would be evicted from our council house and so have resorted to prescribed medicine, with all its side-effects. We have three well- balanced and educated teenage children who show no interest in drugs of any form.

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I BELIEVE that the nation's drug policy is a shambles, ill-conceived and hypocritical. I appreciate the efforts that the IoS is currently making to decriminalise cannabis.

Dr Will Goodall