I am a former drug dealer on an international scale, importing and exporting large quantities of cannabis. At present there is too much money to be made out of it. People don't realise how large the business is. Transactions of up to pounds 10m are made each week.

Decriminalisation is not the answer. Cultivation would remain illegal. This would keep the gear expensive, and benefit the dealer as it would push up demand. The dealer would still be able to set the prices and reap the profits.

The model to follow is the one in Canberra. As a dealer it would blow me out of the water and deny me my marketplace. It permits each person to grow two plants and possess half an ounce.

The only way to stop the problems of people going on to harder drugs is to sever the link between them. We need a concerted educational campaign to make dope become acceptable and normal, as it is for half the population already. Society must change its attitudes.

Name withheld