Renault could be accused of building ordinary and unremarkable cars, from the efficient Clio to the practical Megane and the just as useful Laguna. There have been sparks of real brilliance, though.

The Clio Williams, the Nineties' ultimate hot hatch, was one. Then designer Patrick le Quement took the Williams engine and put it in the middle of the company's most outrageous product to date: the Renault Sport Spider. Open topped, squat and sensational to look at, it was a French Lotus Elise, but not nearly as quick.

Never mind, it became an instant classic. Just 93 were sold in the UK; now Oakfields (01256 760256) have two ultra-low mileage examples on sale for pounds 19,950 and pounds 21,950. The list price until 1998 was pounds 26,800 - which makes these possible blue-chip investments.