AN EXOTIC blend of fresh fruit, local root crops, fresh seafood, local spices and goat, West Indian food is one of the major pleasures of a Caribbean holiday. To make the most of the West Indian and Creole (a fusion of French and West Indian flavours) menus, here are a few pointers from the Lonely Planet Guide to the Eastern Caribbean (pounds 11.99):


A large, round, green fruit, considered a staple food, rich in carbohydrate


A fried bread sandwich filled with fish, often shark

Bul jol

Roasted salt fish and breadfruit, made with tomatoes and onions


Typical Eastern Caribbean soup, made with dasheen leaves and sometimes coconut milk


Resembling a large pear, it is a common Caribbean vegetable that can be eaten raw, cooked like squash or used in soup. (Also known as chayote)


The meat of a large gastropod which is sometimes cooked in a spicy Creole sauce. (Also called lambi)

Crabes Farcis

Land crabs stuffed with spices


A salt bread roll, used for sandwiches


The leaves (callaloo) are cooked separately from the root which is boiled and eaten like a potato

Goat Water

A spiced goat stew, often cooked with rum and cloves


A Creole dish of rice with ham, chicken or shellfish, spices, tomatoes, onions and peppers


A cornflour griddle cake


A blend of salted meat, green peas and Guinea cornmeal


A bittersweet drink made from the juice of bark from the Mauby tree, sugar and spices

Mountain chicken

Frog's legs

Oil down

Mixture of breadfruit, pork, callaloo and coconut milk

Patitas de Puerco Guisadas en Salsa de Tomate

A Creolian dish of pig's feet stewed in tomato sauce

Pierna de Chivo Asada con Ron y Cilantro

Roast leg of goat with rum and coriander


A starchy, banana-like fruit eaten either fried or grilled


Flat bread wrapped around a curry filling, often potatoes and chicken

Sancocho de Siete Carnes

A seven-meat soup of sausage, chicken, beef, goat, salt pork, smoked pork chops and fresh pork chops, and an assortment of vegetables


A large green fruit with light pulpy flesh, juiced or made into ice cream


Pickled pigs head and belly, spices and vegetables, frequently served with a pig-blood sausage that is called pudding


The pod of a tropical tree, its seeds are juiced and used in drinks or as a flavouring