Produced in association with Mojo magazine, this CD-Rom runs only under Windows 3.11 or Windows 95. If you rely on the disk's readme.txt file for installation instructions, you'll be puzzled as it gets the names of the separate set-up programs for Windows 95 and 3.11 obviously mixed up. Go with the sleeve notes - they get it right.

Once installed, the program allows you to search by artist name, track or album to discover details of their output: name of release, format, tracks included, label, catalogue number etc. With 190,000 releases and 72,000 artists, it's fairly comprehensive, although the all-too-frequent "sorry, no track details available" does become wearying.

You can use the program either to generate a disk-based catalogue of your own collection, following the on-screen prompts, or to track down recordings you want to buy. Highlight the release, click on the shopping icon and you're given names, addresses and phone numbers of likely dealers.

Inevitably, there's an Internet connection to allow you to access Web sites devoted to particular stars. Unfortunately, Web sites tend to shift. I tried connecting to five. No problems with Enya or Fugees, but Seal, the Byrds and the "Buttonhole Surfers" (catalogued less coyly as Butthole Surfers in the reference section) could not be found at the addresses given .

File Productions (01624 823833)