Glastonbury the festival now comes in movie form. While it is customary for members of the alternative society to invite you round to see their camcordered record of the fat legs, latrine mudslides and coma cases that make up the summer's best outdoor do, there hasn't been a Woodstock-style feature film of the event until now. Not in Panavision Cinemascope letterbox format anyway. Tomorrow, at the Astoria 2, all thin-crust crusties and white collar pagans are invited to celebrate the shortest night at a club event called Solstice, which will screen a film of last year's fest, The Glastonbury Experience.

It's so new that, in true subversive fashion, it's not finished yet, but don't let the lack of a little dialogue distract you from the stories gleaned by the roving cameras of Videodrome. One thread follows a Yugoslavian girl who has come wanting to feed the world sushi, can't get to meet Lenny Kravitz, and cops off with some incidental lad. Yeah, one of those Glastonbury girls. The camera roams the different fields, zooms in on couples, clocks the torching of the wicker man, and follows the progress of a single mum, her two kids and their VW camper van.

Playing live at the club will be some fairly obscure acts who show up in the film, for example Louise, doing something acoustic, the Filberts, who are funky, and Medicine Drum, who make crusty white techno. For the engrossed there's a TV link to the sunrise (every home should have one). Of course, there'll be all the usual irritating jugglers and stiltwalkers, and a bogus internet link (one phone line, one screen, one man). But don't worry if these distract you. One of the five directors, Lisa Lake, promises 'It's abstract in parts, like Koyaanisqatsi. It's the sort of film you can walk away from and pick up the thread later.' Yeah, one of those films.

Solstice is at the Astoria 2 (aka LA2) tomorrow 9pm til sunrise. The Glastonbury Experience lasts from 10.30pm-12 midnight. It will be released in August. pounds 7 (071-734 6963)

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