'Where's Strawberry? She's wearing Cookies and Cream's tights,' squeals a worried stylist as Haagen Dazs's first urban fashion show gets under way. The models - each representing a different flavour in the Haagen Dazs Classic range - look wearily at the rain before strutting their stuff down the King's Road. A bemused crowd looks on, tucking into freebie tubs of ice cream.

The reason for this frothy fashion spectacle is hard business. Haagen Dazs is launching the attack on its upstart rivals in the premium ice-cream war. Steve's aims its rich cream product at the contented urban sophisticate market, whilst Ben and Jerry rely on green policies and cult name-checks with their 'Cherry Garcia'.

But Haagen Dazs uses sex. And lots of well-toned bodies, indulging in a little excitement with the product. Even the head office telephone queueing system has a voice that purrs, promising far more than those blocks of vanilla you used to have with jelly at teatime.

So, to relaunch its product, Haagen Dazs is using the urban fashion show concept. This has been proving popular in the States this summer. One presumes it didn't rain over there though. In the UK, Haagen Dazs has joined up with designer Ben De Lisi to create a visual display of its favourite flavours from subtle Vanilla to wicked Choc-Choc-Chip.

The models sport De Lisi's signature: flowing satin slips in varying shades of dusky rose, pale cream and deep chocolate. Trailing wisps of chiffon scarves, they sway languorously down the street on the latest strappy high-heeled sandals. Not an image for girls who run for the bus.

The next two outdoor catwalks are at St Christopher's Place, W1 lunchtime today and Neal Street, WC2 1pm, tomorrow. Let's hope the models don't have to perch, shivering, under umbrellas this time. And make up your own mind whether impersonating Pralines and Cream is one of the strangest ways to earn a living.

(Photograph omitted)