Booths, Windermere, the Lake District

Atmosphere Supermarket that thinks it's a grocer's. Serves busy locals and tourists stocking the holiday cottage fridge

Service Astonishingly friendly. Instead of adopting the catatonic manner familiar at Sainsbury etc, the women at the cash tills call you "love", chat about the weather and remember your name.

Stock Organic vegetables, local specialities: wholemeal flour from Penrith, Cumbria air-dried ham. Fifteen cans of Boddington's Draught for the price of 12 (pounds 12.39), Fruit Corners at 29p and Tomato Grow Bags, pounds 1.09

Points of interest: It used to be the railway station and the tracks still run under the floor

Reasons to go The tea shop serves giant Yorkshire pudding

Reasons not to go It's a Saturday in August

How to get there: Turn off the A591 and take a sharp left past the tourist office. The Windermere train stops 20ft away