The 2nd Hampstead Chess Festival took place very successfully last week at University College School, with three sections all giving players a chance to gain international titles and ratings. The grandmaster section was won by England's Neil McDonald, half a point ahead of Ron Burnett of the United States. The Master group was won by J Aagard of Denmark, while the rating tournament saw first prize shared between CL Lim of Malaysia and the principal organiser of the whole event, Adam Raoof.

The following game from the winner of the Master group shows a brutally effective K-side attack. White's g4, Ke2, h4 and h5 set the mood. After 18.Qc1! the threat of Rh8+! left Black defenceless.

White: J Aagard

Black: S Williams

1 d4 e6 14 bxc3 Ne4

2 c4 f5 15 Bxe4 fxe4

3 Nf3 Nf6 16 Ng6+ hxg6

4 Nc3 c6 17 hxg6+ Kg8

5 Qc2 d5 18 Qc1 Qd8

6 Bf4 Be7 19 Bc7 Rxf2+

7 e3 0-0 20 Kxf2 Bh4+

8 Bd3 Ne4 21 Ke2 Qg5

9 g4 Qa5 22 Qg1 e5

10 Ke2 Kh8 23 Qh2 Bxg4+

11 h4 Nd7 24 Kd2 exd4

12 h5 Ndf6 25 cxd4 resigns

13 Ne5 Nxc3+