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In the following game from Hastings, everything was building up into a heavyweight manoeuvring contest until Black made a tactical error which White pounced on with 30.Qg4! Black's 30...Ng6 shielded him from trouble on the g-file, but he had clearly not seen the possibility of 31.Bxf6! until it was too late. After 31...gxf6 32.Qxd7! Qxd7 33.Nxf6+, White wins back the queen with a decisive material advantage. As the game went, White gained rook and two pawns for two pieces, then three pawns, then four pawns ...

White: Edouard Rozentalis

Black: Mark Hebden

1 e4 e5 22 cxb5 Nxb5

2 Nf3 Nc6 23 Re3 Na7

3 Bb5 a6 24 Qa5 Rd7

4 Bxc6 dxc6 25 Re3 Na7

5 0-0 Bd6 26 Qe1 Nc6

6 d4 exd4 27 Bc3 Ne7

7 Qxd4 f6 28 Nh5 Qf7

8 c4 c5 29 Qe2 Re8

9 Qe3 Ne7 30 Qg4 Ng6

10 Nc3 0-0 31 Bxf6 Qe6

11 b3 Qe8 32 Qg5 gxf6

12 Ba3 b6 33 Nxf6+ Kg7

13 Rad1 Bb7 34 Nxd7 Qxd7

14 Rfe1 Qh5 35 Qxc5 Re6

15 Ne2 Rae8 36 Red3 Qf7

16 Ng3 Qg4 37 Rxd6 Re7

17 h3 Qe6 38 Qc3+ Kh6

18 Nh4 Nc6 39 Qd2+ Kg7

19 Nhf5 Nd4 40 Rd7 Ne5

20 Nxd6 cxd6 41 Qg5+ resigns

21 Qd2 b5