With all games drawn in the final round at Linares, Anand won the tournament, half a point ahead of Shirov. Full scores: Anand 71/2; Shirov 7; Kasparov and Kramnik 61/2; Svidler 51/2; Ivanchuk 5; Topalov 4.

Kramnik needed to beat Anand in the last round to have a chance of sharing first, but despite having the white pieces he never looked like doing so. Kasparov had a remarkably subdued tournament, drawing 11 of his 12 games. His only win, oddly enough, came against the tournament winner.

Kasparov also suffered the wrath of the event's sponsor, Luis Rentero, a man who loves fighting chess and will not let his players agree early draws. He fined Kasparov 500,000 pesetas (about pounds 2,000) for offering draws too early. In the last round, however, Kasparov proved his point. No one can argue with perpetual check:

White: Alexei Shirov

Black: Garry Kasparov

1 e4 c5 10 gxh5 exf4

2 Nf3 d6 11 Bxf4 Nxh5

3 d4 cxd4 12 Nxd6+ Bxd6

4 Nxd4 Nf6 13 Bxd6 Qh4+

5 Nc3 a6 14 Kd2 Qg5+

6 Be3 e6 15 Ke1 Qh4+

7 g4 h6 16 Kd2 Qg5+

8 f4 e5 17 Ke1 Qh4+

9 Nf5 h5 Drawn