White to play and mate in six (composed by GH Drese in 1935).

A very silly problem, perfect for anyone seeking to overcome world-title fatigue. In the starting position Black can move nothing except his bishop on b8, and White has six moves to reach checkmate. But how to get through to the black king?

The natural try is 1.Nxe7 Nxe7 2.Rxh8, but after 2...Nxd5 the threat of Nxe3 earns Black the time to survive beyond move six.

The solution is a miracle of sacrificial demolition work: 1.Na7! Bxa7 2.Nb8! Bxb8 3.Ra7! Bxa7 4.Rb8! Bxb8 5.Qxa8 Ba7 6.Qf8 mate!


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