Garry Kasparov took the lead in the "Lord Novgorod the Great" tournament after tempting Yevgeny Bareyev into a blunder in an unusual endgame in the third round.

Bareyev had defended a difficult position well as Black to reach the diagram - a theoretical draw. Play now continued 1.Ra2 Kg6 2.Ra6 Nf4 3.Ke7+ Kg5 4.Rg1+ Kh4 (Kf5 loses to Rf6+) 5.Ra4 Rf5 6.Rg8 Kh3 7.Ra3+ Kh2 7.Ra2+ Kh3 8.Rd2 Re5+ (Black would rather not move at all) 9.Kf6 Re3 10.Kf5 Ne2 11.Rb2 Kh2 12.Rg7 Re8 13.Rg6 Re3 14.Re6 resigns.

After the exchange of rooks, Black's knight is lost. Kasparov's technique was excellent in forcing the black king and knight apart, but how would he have continued after 13...Kh3?