This position is a splendid example of the games problemists play. Composed by Jacques Fulpius in 1974, it is White to play and mate in two.

The theme should not be too difficult to spot. Almost all Black's pieces are tied down to preventing some mate or other. All White needs is a move that completes the bind. The key is 1.Qe6! with no threat, but Black cannot move anything without allowing mate: 1...bxa6, b5, c4, c2, gxh5, g4 or h3 are mated by 2.Qxc6 Nxc5, Rd4, Nd2, Qf5, Rf4 and Nxg3 respectively, while moving the b2-knight, c6-bishop, f6-bishop, or g7-rook allow 2.Qc4, Qd5, Qxe5, or Bxg6. Finally 1...Rf3 2.Bxf3, 1...Rg1 or Rg2 2.Bf3, 1...Rh3 or Rg4 2.Qg4 complete the answer.

With 14 different mates, and no alternatives in any line, this is a record for "unguards".