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White to play and win (composed by Leopold Mitrofanov in 1967).

This first-prize-winning study includes one of the most startling moves ever seen on a chess board. White begins 1.b6+ Ka8 (Kb8 loses to 2.g7) and now not 2.g7? h1(Q) 3.g8(Q)+ Bb8 4.a7 Qa1+ but 2.Re1! Nxe1 3.g7 h1(Q) 4.g8(Q)+ Bb8 5.a7. The knight on e1 prevents Qa1+. But that's only the start. Black plays 5...Nc6+! 6.dxc6 Qxh5+ when 7.Ka6 is met by Qe2+. It's time for the magnificent move: 7.Qg5!! Qxg5+ 8.Ka6 Bxa7 (to prevent b7 mate) 9.c7! and Black cannot defend against both 10.c8(Q)+ and 10.b7 mate.