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Gastarbyter, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London SW1 (0171- 930 3647)

Part installation, part fairground attraction, Gastarbyter reaches deep into the parts that other art cannot reach. Walk alone into a dark room and be led into a shiny dentist-like chair. Hoist yourself aboard and prepare for a 10-minute multi-sensory expedition. Overhead, a six-spoke tweeter umbrella like some pop-gothic candelabra, pulses out waves of electronic music. Directly in front of you a mirrored panel of neon and mercury tubing wiggles and blips in response to the sound. All the while, sensors in the chair pick up on the sound frequencies and trigger a host of little motors which jiggle and cosset your buttocks, legs, back and head, in a thrill of weird tactile delight. Gastarbyter has been created by Bruce Gilchrist (vibrations), Joe Joelson (lights) and Dugal McKinnon (music), their title playing with the German word gastarbeiter. Book a date with this pleasure-giving "temporary guest worker" before its imminent deportation.