Move Over Moriarty, Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London SE1 (0171-960 4242) 8pm

After scaling the summit of sublime silliness with their wildly successful Bronte bio-drama Withering Looks, the nation's favourite literary lunatics are back. Lip Service (sometimes spotted shopping as complete individuals Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding) are justly famed for their potted (as in shrimp) perorations upon narrative genres. Knit One, Murder One did for the country-house thriller what Miss Marple did for Spinsters Anonymous, while B-Road Movie made Thelma and Louise look like a feminist buddy picture. Tonight and tomorrow, Baker Street irregulars Holmes and his little friend Watson solve (we hope) "The Garibaldi Biscuit Affair", a case as murky as a pea-souper. Our intrepid hero(in)es portray a vast cast stuffed with suspects from male impersonator Vesta Curry to Death Defying Dan (and his Whelk-Infested Tank of Terror). Who is murdering the music-hall players? Is Watson's first name really Doctor? Basil Rathbone, eat your heart out.