Greg Proops, Newbury Corn Exchange (01635 522733) 7.45pm

If ever his zinging comedy inspiration runs out, Greg Proops could have a handy second career as a fast-track auctioneer. I have a theory that he must have been a woodwind player in a former life. That would explain his apparent circular breathing, the ability to keep playing (in this case, speaking) where the rest of us lesser mortals have to pause for breath. As James Rampton remarked in the Independent, "he could leave all donkeys within a 50-mile radius without hind legs". His jet-propelled sequence about half-time entertainments at American sporting events projects the image of "the mentally defective blonde women of Kansas and their tribute to garden implements" past you so fast that your subsequent laughter crashes into the next gag. He majors in culture-clash jokes and quirky asides - "hey, the prairie dog of wit is out of his burrow" and I, for one, am always up for gags about Dick Van Dyke's cockney accent in Mary Poppins.