Choice: Dance

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Cinderella, Piccadilly Theatre, London W1 (0171-369 1734)

Beware: there's an attack of false memory syndrome at large in the world of arts reporting. All sorts of people who should know better have taken to describing Matthew Bourne's astonishing AMP production of Swan Lake as all-male. If it was only boys, how do they explain the sensational presence of Lynn Seymour or Emily Piercy? Erroneous descriptions or no, the show made Bourne's name worldwide and he followed it with Cinderella. This has a less dramatic scenario and Prokofiev's score is darker and less heart-on-sleeve than Tchaikovsky's classic which is maybe why those in favour of instant gratification may have been slightly disappointed. Bourne's interpretation strengthens as the evening progresses and the imagination and drama on display in the final act is tremendous. Sadly, it closes tomorrow.