Flamenco Dance Co, Blackpool Grand (01253 290190) 7.30pm

"All you see are silhouettes, and all you hear are castanets, and no one cares how late it gets..." That's from "Hernando's Hideaway", the nightclub in The Pajama Game, but it also describes this fabulous, flaming ensemble. Paco Pena is one of the great flamenco guitarists of this century, but a serious talent-spotter, too. The highlight of the evening is Angel Munoz who puts the impossibly vain impostor Joaquin Cortes firmly in the shade. As the Independent's dance critic Louise Levene wrote, "he teases us with a soft-shoe shuffle as his little suede Chelsea boots tickle the floor before giving vent to a virtuoso display of zapateado. The purring drum solo of soles and heels is executed with control and panache, but, most importantly, with wit - as if the dance were a genuine pleasure and our reaction to it a precious thing in his care. Munoz is only 22. His prime doesn't bear thinking about." What are you waiting for?