London WC2 (0171-314 8800)

Take it from me, they were something to see. Short, wiry, white Arnie Zane and towering, graceful, black Bill T. Jones (above). Lovers, choreographers and dancers, they could have been two seemingly mismatched talents, but working together they were beautifully balanced and complementary and greater than the sum of their two parts. With Zane's death from Aids, Jones continues to seduce, startle and surprise audiences with his work for their company, including the now notorious Still/Here which was attacked - sight unseen - by one of America's leading dance critics as "victim art" back in 1994. We never saw it (nor the attendant brouhaha surrounding a show built around HIV/Aids using HIV-positive dancers and personal testimony) but we can see We set out early... visibility was poor. It might sound like a Robert Frost poem but it mixes balletic placement with Afro-Caribbean movement and a part-Stravinsky score. Just three diverse elements in tonight's London premiere.

David Benedict