Planted Seeds, The Place, WC1 (0171-387 0031) 8pm

Anyone who remembers the glory days of the late London Contemporary Dance Theatre will recall the fleet athleticism of Darshan Singh Buller. Before the company's demise, he had already begun a parallel career as a choreographer, and it is in this this guise that you can see him tonight and tomorrow. He, alas, will not be dancing because of bone cysts on his ankle, which having been patched up by a graft from his hip, have now sprouted painful scar tissue on the nerves. Planted Seeds springs from his trip to Bosnia last year and the tragic real-life "Romeo and Juliet" story which fired the world's imagination. With David Hughes, Sarah Nicholls and the great Lauren Potter (another LCDT legend who has danced for everyone from Lloyd Newson to Siobhan Davies) in his company, no one is likely to be short- changed on the interpretative front.