Larger than Life, Royal Festival Hall, London SE1 (0171-960 4242)

When is a painting not a painting? When it's a "freak" by Angela de la Cruz. The 33-year-old Spanish artist, who moved to London in 1988, has a habit of painting an abstract picture, then breaking its supports, tearing the canvas and reshaping it into a weird object that has a life of its own. Her past work includes Bully, in which a massive dark painting crushed a tiny bright one, and Ashamed, a small pale painting that hid in a corner. Her latest work, Larger than Life, commissioned for the Royal Festival Hall Ballroom, goes on display today, if display is the right word for a giant brown oil canvas, 140 metres square, that has had to be buckled into the space provided like a lorry in a pile-up. "In a way it's a very shy work, because it is quite embarrassing to be so big and so large," she explains with the Bjork-ish charm of someone about to hit the big time herself.