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I don't know why the NFT has gone to the trouble of calling this Douglas Sirk season "Magnificent Obsessions". They should just have called it "Hanky Month" and had done with it. From the torrid title to the actors tearing their hearts out, this is prime movie melodrama. In tune with the rest of Hollywood history, Universal took one look at Sirk's success teaming Jane Wyman with Rock Hudson in Magnificent Obsession and wanted to know if there was more where that came from. Happily, there most certainly was, with Rock doing time in the rockery as a gorgeous gardener who wins the heart of widowed Wyman who just happens to be 15 years older than him. When you consider the offensive drivel written about Ralph Fiennes and his supposedly "extraordinary relationship" with Francesca Annis, you'll see that (double) standards haven't changed. Sadly for them, they don't have the great Agnes Moorehead running around as third lead.