Un Chien Andalou etc, QEH, South Bank Centre (0171-960 4242) 7.45pm

This is a real one-off: a triple-bill of French silent cinematic masterpieces with live music by Walter Fabeck and Paul Robinson. Borowczyk's Les Astronauts is sandwiched between the first collaboration between Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali: their nightmarishly imaginative Un Chien Andalou (described by Bunuel as "a despairing passionate call to murder" and banned in this country until 1968). The trio is completed by Cocteau's (above) surrealist fantasy, The Blood of a Poet, which predates his masterpiece La Belle et La Bete by 15 years. The last of these features a countertenor in addition to the orchestration for clarinet, saxophone, piano, accordion, cello and percussion of the Harmonie Band, who have a worldwide reputation for their performances in this field. Film buffs and keen-eared musicians should rush to the phone.

David Benedict