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Under the Clock, NFT, London SE1 (0171-928 3232) 8.40pm
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Under the Clock, NFT, London SE1 (0171-928 3232) 8.40pm

In one of the most grievous acts of cultural vandalism, New York's great and beautiful Penn Station was knocked down. The sad remains (mostly underground) may be efficient transport-wise, but architecturally it's a shadow of its former self. You can, however, check out its glories as featured in the superb sets for this rather disregarded Vincente Minnelli movie which features Judy Garland (reader, he married her) in her first non-singing role. (It was also Minnelli's first non-musical assignment.) Those impervious to Garland's vocal talents would be well-advised to check out her glowing performance as Alice, who meets Corporal Joe Allen (Robert Walker, best known as the murderous Bruno in Strangers on a Train) under the clock at Penn Station. The movie, written by Paul "The Snow Goose" Gallico traces their 48-hour whirlwind romance and is peppered with finely detailed performances from an excellent supporting cast.

David Benedict