In & Out, on general release

It is true that a herd of elephants could stampede through the plot-holes in this picture. It is also undeniable that the words "stretching" and "credulity" could be applied to some of the central characters' lack of insight. But it's very, very funny. The entire population of an American small town are gathered round their TV sets on Oscar night, rooting for a cute local dimwit (Matt Dillon) who is up for Best Actor. Dillon makes his acceptance speech, thanks his teacher (Kevin Kline) and outs him as a gay man. Cut to images of stupefaction on the faces of the entire town, not least Joan Cusack and Kline, who are due to marry in three days' time. Cusack and Kline are excellent, and the script has fabulous one-liners and a feelgood finale which is shameless, but shamelessly funny. No more than you'd expect from Paul Rudnick, who pens the hysterical Libby Gelman-Waxner columns in Premiere magazine. David Benedict