I Think I Do, NFT, London SE1 (0171-633 0274) 6.30pm

In the beginning (or the Thirties, at any rate) there was screwball. Witty Hollywood fictions of sexual friction crammed with sure-fire dialogue delivered at a hundred miles an hour by sparring partners of the calibre of Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda, saucer-eyed Claudette Colbert and dishy Joel McCrea, or Cary Grant and just about everyone you can think of. Sex comedies of the Sixties and beyond showed more and said far less, and it's been a long while since anything appeared to touch them. All the more reason to catch this preview screening of Brian Sloan's comedy I Think I Do, which was such a hit at the Berlin Film Festival that it has been squeezed into London's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Alexis Arquette plays the bride's best friend and "maid of honour" at a wedding which kindles a few too many old flames and ignites new ones among a sextet of old college friends. There's another screening tomorrow at 4pm.