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The Nanny, NFT London SE1 (0171-928 3232) 8.40pm

Wendy Craig and Bette Davis: together at last. You think I'm joking, don't you. I'm not. Pay out your good money and watch Wendy have a heart attack as Bette stars as 1965's answer to Louise Woodward. Foolish Wendy. If Bette Davis came to your door and offered to take care of your children, would you give her the job? After winning the hearts of the nation for a comedy career spent dispensing common sense, blinking in faintly hurt surprise and gasping breathily as the can't-cook-won't-cook mother in Butterflies and any number of other TV series, it's hard to imagine Wendy Craig in anything like a Hammer psycho-horror - but here she is. But then, don't forget she'd played in the Pinter-scripted The Servant for Joseph Losey, so she was no stranger to film. As for Davis, as Pauline Kael put it: if you can't dominate a picture with a good performance, dominate with a bad one.