Nil by Mouth, Metro Cinema, Derby (01332 347765) 9pm

Those who believed that The Full Monty would win every Bafta award in sight will have been surprised when Gary Oldman's altogether tougher slice of working class life (and Sarf' London) life walked off with a clutch of glittering prizes. Mind you, Kathy Burke won Best Actress at Cannes which has made it an industry talking point for at least a year. Public perception has bracketed it with the films of Ken Loach, but Oldman's directorial (and screenwriting) debut eschews the documentary style of a still camera in wide-shot. "Some films are shot from a point of view only flies could have. I wanted the action pretty much head-on," he says. His is much more indebted to filmmakers like Roberto Rossellini and John Cassavetes for his tight close-up approach. It's a safe gambit when your cast is made up of people like Burke, Charlie Creed-Miles as her junkie son and, in particular, barnstorming Ray Winstone as the bullying, alcoholic husband.