Choice: Film: Dreamchild

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Dreamchild, Everyman, London NW3

(0171-435 1525) 3.25 & 7.15pm

An all-too-rare screening of one of the few screenplays that Dennis Potter (above) wrote directly for the cinema. And a very fine one too. The great Coral Browne plays 80-year-old Alice Liddell who remembers back 70 years to the time when she took a boat trip with her sisters and the mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and inspired Alice in Wonderland. Speaking of real names, Dodgson, (ie Lewis Carroll) is played by Ian Holm Cuthbert who had wisely ditched his surname long before his 1958 film debut Girls at Sea. He was in any number of British screen outings from the baroque A Severed Head to the bad (despite the presence of Holm and Helen Mirren, don't wait for SOS Titanic to resurface) but it took till the mid-Eighties for his screen career to take flight. This is a typically finely detailed emotional display and his co-stars include marvellously knowing Wonderland characters as realised by Muppet-maestro Jim Henson.