The Gingerbread Man, Broadway, Nottingham (0115-952 6611) 8pm

There's a special preview screening tonight of the new Kenneth Branagh vehicle, The Gingerbread Man, to mark the start of Nottingham's annual crime, mystery and thriller festival, "Shots in the Dark". Based on a John Grisham story and directed by Robert Altman, it features Branagh as libidinous attorney Rick Magruder, who beds a member of the catering staff at a function celebrating one of his court victories. Infatuated, he takes her side against her deranged father, who later escapes from the asylum in which he is placed to wreak his dastardly revenge. It's not a typically multi-layered Altman experience, but it should be worth inspection, if only to hear whether Branagh's American accent has gotten any better. Over the next 10 days, there will be some 20 further previews and a crowning retrospective of Kevin Spacey's work, including the unbeatable LA Confidential and The Usual Suspects. The organisers are hoping to lure him away during his extended run in The Iceman Cometh to chat. Dream on, people.