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Robbie Williams, Hull City Hall (01482 226655) 7.30pm

This is going to be Robbie's summer. With a rash of gigs lined up before he heads for Glastonbury - that mythical site where, three summers ago, he did first spatter dung on his squeaky-clean Take That brethren - he is striding like some latterday Prince Hal to claim a crown of fame that actually fits him. The Independent critic who caught a load of his act in Manchester last week summed him up in a phrase that will have stung Gary Barlow with more force than an angry hornet: "The man's a star." The rebirthing period has been long and painful, involving some bad stitch- up jobs carried out by uncaring tabloid hacks, but when Robbie emerged with the ballsy-yet-caring (and surprisingly melodic) debut solo album Life Thru a Lens last year, his nonchalant ability to appeal to all ages, from poster-ogling teenies to mad-for-it grannies, was manifest. Join him tonight as he continues to climb his lucrative learning curve.