Choice: Gig - The Tiger Lillies

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The Tiger Lillies, Spitz, 109 Commercial Street, London E1 (0171- 392 9032) 8.30pm

After eons of sowing their wild odes, The Tiger Lillies have recently being reaping some long-overdue recognition. A spot on Loose Ends here, a Sunday supplement there. This is mainly owing to their involvement in one of the theatrical treats of the year, Shockheaded Peter - the junk opera based on Hoffmann's cautionary tales for kiddies. Shrieking falsetto singer and squeezebox-geezer Martyn Jacques was perfectly suited to this pop-up cabaret of death - his premature laments, the cornerstone of the Brechtian action, were always that bit too grief-laden to be anything other than hilarious. By the trio's standards, though, the show was Tiger Lillies-lite. With past subject-matter that includes raping nuns and crucifying Jesus ("You see that crown of thorns upon his head? That was my idea"), they make the Prodigy look obsequious. Tonight, in one of their increasingly rare London appearances, they're launching their sixth seedy CD, Low Life Lullabies - more frighteningly hummable ditties on life's bum raps.