Camille Paglia, QEH, South Bank Centre, London SE1 (0171-960 4242) 7.30pm

According to which side of the divide you occupy, cultural commentator Camille Paglia is either the answer to the late 20th century's prayers or its worst nightmare. If there were a word to describe the opposite of the admittedly ghastly term "bluestocking", Paglia would be it. With her mile-a-minute mouth and genius for self-publicity - a talent she shares with her one-time heroine, Madonna (remember her?) - Paglia could have an alternative career as a stand-up. Like her or loathe her, much of what she says has an uncomfortable ring of truth. Tonight she gives a lecture in the Sounding the Century series which kicked off with her fellow countryman Gore Vidal. That, though, is probably the only thing these two have in common.