Jack Cardiff, Bristol Watershed (0117 925 3845) 6.30pm

Ever seen Black Narcissus, Powell and Pressburger's feverish study of barely suppressed eroticism running rampant among a community of nuns high up in the Himalayas? Actually, it was all faked in a studio thanks to the genius of cinematographer Jack Cardiff, who won an Oscar for his efforts. His other jobs included child actor, runner, clapper boy and the director of Sons and Lovers. But it is his camerawork on such incontestable classics as The Red Shoes (above) and the marvellous location photography on The African Queen for which he is most famous. Tonight, he is in conversation with Mark Cousins as part of the Bristol Short Film Festival. Given the breadth of his remarkable career, there must be a million questions to ask him. Think one up and go.