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Arte Flamenco: Homage to Lorca, Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall, London (0171-960 4242) 7.30pm

Although his plays are filled with poetry and song, tribute is not often paid to Federico Garcia Lorca's skills as a musician and the inspiration he drew from music (Blood Wedding was sparked off by a lullaby from Grenada). An amateur composer, pianist and guitarist, Lorca, together with his teacher Manuel de Falla, transcribed and arranged a series of folk songs collected on travels through his native Andalucia and the rest of Spain. The aim was to restore the original spirit of the pieces, clarifying the particular regional sounds that had been rendered faint through years of over-exposure: the fiery passion of Asturian songs, the tranquillity of Castillian refrains, the melancholy of Andalusian laments. Tonight, in a special event to commemorate his centenary, singer Francoise Atlan (above) and gypsy guitarist Juan Carmona will perform Lorca and de Falla's songs as part of Arte Flamenco, a season of concerts celebrating the "duende" of flamenco.