Saturday Night, Bridewell Theatre, London EC4 (0171-936 3456) 7.30pm

Sweetness and charm are not the first two words which leap to mind when summing up the works of Stephen Sondheim, but it's what's on display in this world premiere. Imagine Friends relocated to Flatbush in the 1920s and you're there for this, his first complete show which, until now, has never seen the light of day. A fresh, sunny, young cast shine in a tale of love and ambition, penned by the Epstein brothers who are altogether more famous for writing Casablanca. Sondheim's score has wit aplenty and Tim Flavin's musical staging gives the whole affair plenty of zip. OK, so the second half doesn't quite work (you can see why the composer decided to air it quietly over here some 45 years after it was written) but there's still plenty to enjoy. Closes Saturday.

David Benedict